Your faithful giving helps OPBC continue to Proclaim the Excellencies of Jesus, in Powhatan and to the ends of the Earth! At least 10% of all General Fund giving will go to the Cooperative Program of the SBC. Watch the videos below to find out more about how you faithful giving makes a global impact.

Frequently asked questions

getting started

How do I get started with online giving?

Online giving is simple and secure. There are two options. 1. Create an account for one-time and recurring giving/ payments HERE. 2. Fill out the information and give. OR 1. Send the text GIVE to (804) 657-9333 and follow the link to the online form 2. Fill out the information and set up one-time or recurring giving/ payments.

What is Text-to-Give?

Text-to-Give is an on-to-go option for giving/ tithing and payments for events. Simply text GIVE to (804) 657-9333 and fill out the information to make your contribution. This is a great option for visitors and members alike.

Can I set up recurring payments/ giving?

YES! Follow the GIVE NOW link and make sure to click "Recurring Gift"

Are Online Giving and Text-to GIve safe?

When churches first started using online giving in the late 1990s, some churchgoers were concerned about the security of their financial data. Today online giving is commonplace, just as online shopping has become the new normal. Online giving is just as safe as any other credit card transaction. All credit card/ debit card information is encrypted for maximum security.

Can I set up a bank draft instead of using a card?

Not at this time through our Online Giving and Text-to-Give options. If a bank draft is your preference, please check with your bank about setting up monthly payments/ checks. For online giving and text-to-give, we suggest using your bank card/ debit card. Please don't go into debt to give.

Can I give to designated funds and accounts?

YES! There are several giving options for designated accounts such as OPBC Missions and the OPBC Vision Fund. Click on the dropdown menu on the giving page to choose from General Fund or other accounts.

Can I track my giving?

YES! After setting up an account, you can keep track of your gifts, offerings, and payments and print off reports as needed.